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HuggingFace Spaces is a great place to see what other people are trying out in AI.

Visit the link below, and sort by trending to view all the newest trending spaces and discover the latest exciting applications for AI.

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Not entirely sure what Hugging Face is? Not to worry, we've written a Beginner's Guide to Hugging Face ➑ Check it out here.

Music to Image

Create images based on uploaded audio. This space takes audio files and converts it to images that match the music. It also has the capability to generate audio captions, which it then uses to generate paired images.

Here's a provided example: Electronic Music:

Electronic Music

Here's a custom one I tried out myself. Image generated for "Go the Distance" from the Disney movie Hercules.

go the distance image graphic girl looking out at the distance

This does a great job of capturing the feeling of the music about the singer believing and trying to reach that place they've always dreamed of.

This opens the potential for entire video visualizers that can be paired with the music in real time. Keep a look out, AI music videos may be coming soon πŸ‘€.


This space is showcasing the OpenFlamingo model that was made with the intent to be an open source version of DeepMind's Flamingo Model.

It was trained on mpt-7b and it's an image to text model that can also be trained on the fly with very limited training data and context.

a london signa shiba

πŸ“· Image Captioning

πŸ¦“ Animal Recognition

Counting Objects

a demo of counting animals

In this demo, the model is able to count objects in an image, this can be extended to be useful in data classification along with logging in the medical field that requires comprehensive data entry.

On the Fly - Contextual Training

The model is also able to take in custom queries. Here I've trained it with 2 examples, and it's able to give me an accurate assessment of age.

The Context Training

training 2 people


jon snow age

Bonus Space: Video Quest

A demo of Text Based Adventure Game that uses Stable Diffusion to generate interactive images. You can click on different parts of the image, along with drag and drop artifacts and trigger different experiences!

Next Steps

New spaces are being added all the time. We'll keep a look out for more exciting new applications for AI. 🫑


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