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AI composability is made possible with the LangChain library. Developers are now leveraging LangChain to handle the heavy lifting of organizing and providing modularity to their AI projects.

More and more developers are able to build increasingly complex use cases for AI and it's all thanks to LangChain.

Here is a link farm to access James Briggs' LangChain handbook as introduced here:

LangChain AI Handbook

Links to Google Colab notebooks where you can run through the interactive example with working code.

  1. LangChain Intro
  2. LangChain Prompt Templates
  3. LangChain Chains
  4. LangChain Conversational Memory
    1. Token Counter
  5. LangChain Chat
  6. LangChain Retrieval Augmentation
  7. LangChain Agents
  8. LangChain Tools
  9. LangChain Retrieval Agent
  10. LangChain Chunking
  11. Quick Agents Intro


  • LangChain Handbook was created by James Briggs
  • Main page found here provided by Pinecone IO
  • Link to the github repo here

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